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Mickey Grant

Over 40 Years Directing Film and TV

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Mickey Grant

Mickey Grant Filmmaker

214-282-2671 email: [email protected] Website:

Chronological Summary My background is very broad in both TV and film. My experience has covered the past 30 years. I started as a union cameraman and am now a Producer/Director/DP/Writer/Avid Editor and Adobe Premiere CS6 editor today. I grew up on 16mm and 35mm both cameras and flatbeds and when the digital age occured, I totally embraced it with a passion. I own several HD cameras and a fairly large equipment package.

I just got the Adobe Creative Master Collection CS6 and seem to be editing more with Premiere Pro CS6 than with Avid MC6 these days. The new Adobe is incredible!

I just started as director/cameraman on a feature length documentary called "RENEGADE HEARTS AND HONKY-TONK NIGHTS" for Chip Campbell Productions. This is to be followed by a reality series of the same name.

My current film which I'm now in the last stages of editing is BURNING GREEN which I recently (September and March 2011 and February 2014) shot in Libya. It is scheduled to be complete and available for screenings in the late summer of 2014. It's a behind the scenes look at the war and the entire story of the war, beginning to end, including the attack on the Benghazi Consulate. I had previously made my film INJECTION in Libya over 8 years ago and involved scenes with the Libyan opposition. In fact, INJECTION was used by the Libyan opposition to help encourage their cause. When the war broke out, my first goal was to bring medical supplies to Libya last March. This lead to my doing BURNING GREEN which is currently being edited. Also, I wrote a 2 page article on shooting BURNING GREEN in Libya which appeared in the May 2011 edition of DV Magazine (

The trailer of my new film which was at MIP TV this past October in Cannes and is represented by Electric Sky in the UK(in order to shoot it I rode horseback for 6 weeks across the mountains of Albania):

Here's the trailer for my new feature length documentary that deals with the life and murder of Chris Adams, a British wrestler. It's a film about human tragedy, NOT a wrestling film:

INJECTION.. a feature length documentary that had a theatrical release:


THE CU CHI TUNNELS (the most widely distributed of my films-distributed by BBC Worldwide):

CHINA RUN which played in theaters in 50 cities and was on HBO:

This is just a sampling of my work.

Credits and Employment History

Mickey Grant Filmmaker

5833 Turner Street The Colony, TX 75056 214-282-2671

email: [email protected] Website:

Detailed Chronological Summary from start of career in 1970

STONEY'S GREATEST HIT... my first theatrically released documentary dealing with the Dallas Police arrest of over 300 hippy's at Lee Park in Dallas in 1970

BEYOND THE EASTERN HEDGE... a documentary dealing with Chinese art made while I was a student in 1974 at the College of Chinese Culture in Taiwan

Chinese Government (Taiwan) Information Office, filmmaker (1974). Completed over five imaging building films for distribution to Republic of China Information Offices worldwide. Worked as Producer, Director, Cameraman, and Writer.

We Care, We Share (1974), a 30-minute dramatic film in Taiwanese for the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions. Worked as Producer and Soundman.

Acupuncture Film Series with Dr. Julia Suei (1974). Worked with China Acupuncture Research Science Foundation. Served as Director, Cameraman, and Writer.

Yoga of Marriage (1975), a 30-minute film on traditional country weddings in South India. Shot in Mysore, India. Worked as Director and Cameraman.

Secretary-Treasurer for NABET Local 441 (1976 to 1979). Active in opening NABET membership to IATSE members.

THE GREASING OF AMERICA... for Paramount (1978), a documentary about the promotion of the movie Grease. Worked for Glen, Bosell, and Jacobs, the advertising agency that represented Paramount and the film. Served as Director and Editor.

Freelance commercial producer (1978). Made over 25 commercials for Dallas TV market.

KVIL radio station, Dallas (1978). Produced the number one-rated morning show as well as being the traffic helicopter reporter. This was my early morning job, during the day I was a union assistant cameraman.

The Return of Outlaw Josey Wales (1979). Worked as Line Producer ($1 million budget).

Executive Producer in Charge of Commercial Production KXTX TV, Dallas (1980). Produced, wrote, and directed over five spots per week for one year.

Continental Productions, Manager and Founder (1981 to 1984). Continental operated and crewed a nine camera remote truck and operated two medium-sized studios and an edit suite. Staff included 30 full-time employees and 30 contract employees. Duties included running the company, and producing and directing original programming. Often participated as Associate Producer of projects for clients. Many projects nationally syndicated.

Adjunct Professor, University of North Texas (1981 to 1983). Taught Intermediate and Advanced Film Production Classes and ran production seminars.

China Run (1984), produced and directed this feature-length documentary shot in China with a $500k budget. 35-mm version completed in 1986. Purchased by HBO and BBC. Limited theatrical release in 45 cities and never received review rating of less than three stars.

Instructor, KD Studios, Dallas (1986). Taught Acting for Camera, Associate Degree program.

Ride the Great Wall (1986). Directed TV documentary in China that chronicled Robin Hanbury Tenison's horseback ride along the Great Wall. Broadcast on PBS.

Fire and Jade (1987). Ten-minute motivational film. Served as Producer and Director. Distributed by Conant-Nightingale.

China Passage (1988). Thirty-minute religious film. Served as Producer and Director.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, version 1 (1987 to 1991). 94-minute documentary on Viet Cong guerillas that fought in Cu Chi province with a $300k budget. Served as Producer, Director, and Director of Photography(shot on film).

Destination Da Nang (1988 to 1991). Served as Producer, Director, and Director of Photography with a $250k budget.

Feed the Children (1989). Directed and shot two documentaries about the famine in Sudan. Broadcast nationally.

Horse with No Name (1992 to 1993). Screenplay first sold as a spec script to Theorema Films, Amsterdam. Contracted by Theorema to write second draft. Chosen to be included in European Media Programme's EAVE, a mentoring program similar to the one at Sundance Institute.

Film coverage of Bosnia for Dutch TV (92 and 93). Traveled for four months with a Bosnian military unit in areas otherwise rarely covered. Served as Co-director and Cameraman. Footage aired on CNN and other broadcasters.

Obligations of Noble Birth (1994 to 1995). Developed treatment for a feature for Moskito Film, Amsterdam. Developed package and presented to Dutch Film Fund. Other work for Moskito Film, including re-writes and marketing at Berlin and Cannes.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, version 2 (1995). Re-edit for BBC2 for world distribution. Sold to over 50 countries.

Von Erichs Remembered (1996 to 1997). Two-hour documentary about a famous and tragic wrestling family.

Sacrificing Liberty (1997 to 1998). Contracted to write screenplay about Israel's attack on US spy ship in 1967. Extensive research included materials recently obtained from the former Soviet military.

Cuba Journey (1999 to present). Completed three pre-production trips to Cuba with production scheduled tentatively in 2009.

Santa Cruz Film Associates (2001 to present).

Divided Country, Disposable People feature length documentary on history of Korean War shot in both North and South Korea (8 years in the making)

AIDS Global Genealogy Foundation (President, 2003)

INJECTION (completed April 2006) feature length documentary dealing with the transmission of HIV by the use of medical instruments- case study is Bulgarian nurses in Libya charged with murder of 400 Libyan children

GENTLEMAN'S CHOICE feature length documentary dealing with the life and times of Gentleman Chris Adams, a British wrestler murdered in 2001. Can be viewed on Video on Demand at

ALBANIA: LAND OF EAGLES... 58 minute documentary distributed by Electric Sky. Was producer, director, cameraman, writer, editor

Film Festivals & Awards

Festivals Films Invited:

Munich International Student Film Festival Cannes Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival

Aspen Film Festival

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival American Independent Feature Film Market Los Angeles AFI Film Festival

Kennedy Center Showing (AFI-Hosted)

Houston International Film Festival (Gold Award) Chicago International Film Festival

Wine Country Film Festival

Santa Cruz Documentary Film Festival

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Leningrad Film Festival

Sunny Side of the Dock, Marseille France USA Film Festival

Creek Film Festival

AwardsGold Award, Best Feature Length Documentary, Houston International Film Festival Special Honor, American Film Institute Golden Star Halo Award, Southern California Motion Picture Council Honorable Mention (twice), Chicago Film Festival Second Place, Sinking Creek Film Festival

Technical Summary

Film Cameras

� Arriflex 16mm and 35mm cameras � Éclair NPR (over 100,000 feet shot) � 16mm Aaton cameras

� Bolex and Bell & Howell cameras

Various DV, HDV and HD cameras:

�HDW-900 HD camera, Z1 HDV and and much support Audio/Editing

� Nagra and DAT recorders

� Flatbed film editors and video systems, linear and own 2 Avid Media Composer systems(Apple and PC)

Script Development:

� Dramatica and other development applications such as Storyview � Movie Magic Screenplay and Scriptware for script writing. Budgeting & Scheduling

�Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software � Budgeted broke down over 60 scripts Storyboarding:

� Storyboard Artist and Storyboard Quick programs �


Additional Editing Programs:

� Boris

� Final Cut

and After Effects CS4

Film Lab Experience when younger:

� Several contract jobs as Negative Conformer � Three blowups of 16mm to 35mm. � Posting on Video, then transferring video to film. � Transfers such as magnetic to optical sound. � Transfers at PBRS in Burbank, educated by PBRS engineers on optical sound transfer


� Southern Methodist University, BFA Radio & Film, 1971. � University of North Texas, Masters of Science Radio TV & Film, 1986. � Taipei Language School, one year Mandarin Program, 1974. � College of Chinese Culture, courses in Asian Art, 1974.

� Dale Carnegie Management Course � Directing the Experimental Film with Krzysztof Kieslowski (Univ. of Amsterdam) � Marketing and Distributing the Feature Film with Sam Grogg (three workshops) � Developing the Feature Film with Sam Grogg (one workshop) � Sundance Film Festival Workshops � JVC HDTV Creative Digital Forums � Sony HDTV Workshops

� Documentary Film (College of Chinese Culture (two workshops) � Screenplay Writing Seminar with Michael Hogue Industry Qualifications

After receiving a BFA degree in '71 from SMU, I started at the bottom as a magazine loader and worked my way up to become a camera man by the end of the '70's. During the '80's I managed a large TV production facility that also included a 6 camera truck. In 1987 I decided to pursue my career at that time as a film maker. Industry Awards

Gold Award, Best Feature Length Documentary, Houston International Film Festival Golden Star Halo Award, Southern California Motion Picture Council First Place (twice), Sinking Creek Film Festival Education

BFA in Film and TV from SMU in 1971

MS in Film from UNT in 1986.

Technical Equipment

I own the following professional gear:

Panasonic AG-AF100

Sony HDV camera (Z1)

2 Avid edit suites

Sony DSR 300

Arri soft light kit

Sound mixer, wireless mics, etc.

Other Skills/Additional Information

Much experience as a writer, both for drama and non-fiction. I taught screenplay writing at UNT and also advanced film production. I have shot over a half million feet of 16mm film (99% of it exposed within a quarter stop--usually I shoot a little hot to defocus grain!). References

I wil provide them upon request from employers in both the UK and the US. I have produced and directed for most of the major networks Work In

California - Southern

District of Columbia



Mandarin: C

Graduate Taipei Language School

Licenses & Permits

Basic Driving (PLG)